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2006 - 2009
Degree in Physiotherapist at PSO school in Germany


Since 2010

I have been working as a liberal worker after working at the CH hospital in Mulhouse, at the pediatric services, surgical resuscitation and neurology.


fascia therapy Taping degree at the Physio Training Academy. Posturology principles.


Biokinergie degree at Michel Lidoreau centre including

⁃    1rst degree diploma of functional manual therapy  in 2014

 ⁃    2nd degree diploma of Functional manual therapy (locomotor , cranial and visceral systems) in 2016.

⁃    Chinese massage diploma in 2016

- Biokinergie diploma in 2016


Manual trigger points training with Kinesport


Mind and body harmonisation training at Formation Michel Lidoreau centre


100 best exercises training with Gregoire Bibault, Itmp


“Reprogrammation neuromotrice” therapy with Arnaud FREREC, Klyf


Volonteer by Medical Volonteers International NGO

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With more than 10 years of experience around the world as

a physiotherapist and graduate of Biokinergie, Marie-Noëlle offers to accompany you through a variety of treatments adapted to your needs.

SCHUELLER Marie-Noëlle

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