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The action of biokinergie is both preventive and curative, it contributes to maintain a good physical and psychological balance at each stage of life.
His gentle gestures make it possible to address the greatest number of people without age limit.


Biokinergie action is as much preventive as healing effects, it contributes to maintain a good physical and psychological balance linked to each life stages. Its soft gestures allow to practice to everyone without age limit.



- Pains and tensions:

Spinal Column

Lower back pain, sciatica, stiff neck, pubalgia, neck pain, back pain,  scoliosis,


Sprains, tendonitis,  articular aches, arthrosis,
pains following a injury ( sporting pains, traffic accident...)



- functional disorders
ENT disorders

 rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, asthma-like symptoms, facial neuralgia, vertigo, headaches, migraines, tinnitus...

digestive and transit disorders

gastric acidity, hernie hiatale, hepatic and biliary disorders, constipation...

obstetrical and urinary disorders

bed-wetting, continence disorders, chronic cystitis, Disorders of the menopause,  painful periods, irregular periods...

--    prepare to pregnancy and childbirth


- accompagnied surgeries



- psychological orientation

Stress, anxiety, anguish, depression,grieving process,   spasmophilia, irritability,great fatigue, tightness , sleep problems...

Les troubles fonctionnels
  • Pathologies ORL

Rhinites, sinusites chroniques, pathologies asthmatiformes, névralgies faciales, vertiges, céphalées, migraines, acouphènes...

  • Troubles digestifs et du transit

Acidité gastrique, hernie hiatale, troubles hépatiques et vésiculaires, constipation...

  • Troubles gynéco-urinaires

Enurésie, troubles de la continence, cystites chroniques, troubles de la ménopause, règles douloureuses, règles irrégulières.

  • Prépare la grossesse et l'accouchement

  • Accompagne les interventions chirurgicales


Listening to the body when it whispers is always better than listening to it screaming with pain. “Take care of your body so your soul wants to live in it” Chinese saying. Each person needs to realise him or herself to realise their dream, stop suffering by facing and resolving events and fears from the past. To evolve is to transform.

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