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Biokinergie : The body is a whole, a unit


Biokinergie is a soft therapy. It’s main purpose is to bring back the whole balance between both the energetic and the physical aspects of the body : ‘Bio’ means
(life), ‘Kine’ means (movement) and ‘Energie’ means energy. It is a holistic approach (body and spirit) that directly works on the mind.

If we take on the perspective a pathology is the result of the add on of several small misbalances in the inner body, characteristic of a whole ecosystem that resist against changes, perturbations and keep it into balance, because each action has it own effects.

Until now, Biokinergie is an add on of 3 actions needing following different therapeutic differences.
It is a synthesis of concepts related to osteopathy, Chinese medicine, fascia therapy and technics related to reflexes. It associate in the same approach locks in your articulations, relax muscles including the ones from the face, stimulate acupuncture dots and reflexes (energy), as they are linked to a notion of a whole with the body. The dots of acupuncture is stimulated, the muscle is relaxed and the bone mobility is free.

It’s harmony is related to a good balance in the energies. With its biomechanics action, it restores the mobility in the bones and the organs by freeing the knots in the muscles, the ligaments, the caps and local dots related to the misbalance in the energies. By it’s fascia therapy action, it gives back balance the muscle on the face and the muscles from located windings in certain key areas. By its energetic action, based on Chinese medicine, it reestablish our biological and mental balances and calm down pain and inflammations.

Our body possess an interesting memory capacity. It keeps all the traces of traumas : falls, wrong movements, emotional chocs, tiredness, stress… showing up as tensions, blockages and unbalances in the energies. At the beginning, the organism react trying to find some balance by itself as long as it has the resources. However, slowly all those disorders finish to disturb the good function into the articulations, organs, vessels and nerves. Blood flow and impulses in the nervous system is disrupt, generating biological disturbances and inflammation in the tissues, and then pains appears such as arthritis, tendonitis, gastritis, colitis, etc…

Where is the Biokinergie coms from?

This approach has been developed by Michel Lidoreau, a French osteopath, and it is based on more than 35 years of solid scientific studies. It is constantly evolving thanks to the work of teachers from the CERB (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche en Biokinergie).

Where does Biokinergy come from?

This approach was developed by Michel Lidoreau, French osteopath, and it is based on solid scientific studies for more than 35 years now. It is constantly evolving thanks to the work of the teachers of the CERB (Centre for Study and Research in Biokinergie).



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