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The session

We start with an interview allowing to know all about your past, why you are here. It follows on a table where you will lie on or using a position that suits your needs. The priority being your own comfort.

One Bioenergie session last 1h on average at 60 euros.

Ask your insurance regarding if they can take on the cost

How does a session works ?


This 1 hour session includes a neutral exchange, free of judgements and with empathy between the practitioner and you, related to your expectations and your life story.


Then a session care. It is related to soft manipulations deeply engaging  without any use of needles but only by pressing on the right  energetic and strategic spots on the body. This strategy allows the body and muscle to relax allowing the body embedded in the body that has been blocked to release, to flow back to normal and balance its exchanges. It allows to softly release the tensions linked to the emotions experienced along your life.

The bones composing our skeleton are linked between themselves with caps, ligaments and are being moved thanks to the muscles. The fascias connect all of these elements by a membranous framework. They wrap organs, blood vessels and nerves, link them together and attach them to the skeleton.

Any perturbation affecting the body, coming from mechanical, metabolic or energetic sources, embed into the tissues. It mirror itself over the skin like knots of tissues possible to find by touching with a professional trained hand.

After the session, the body adjust itself to find its balance needed to to its health. Following the session, it is possible to feel body ache and tiredness. The session effect can take a few days the time the body adjust and find its own balance.

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